Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkins and Halloween...

As much as I love everything about the summer season, I would have to say that the Fall is a close competitor... the changing leaves, the smell in the air, the decorations. About a week ago we carved pumpkins with Ryan's family. I am not the most creative, so I cheated by putting stickers on mine and cutting around them. We were also quite entertained by his little brother who was pulling out the pumpkin guts and eating them!!


Halloween is definitely my most favorite holiday of the year... when else do you have a reason to dress up when you get older!! We went to a couple parties this year, I was Lucy from I Love Lucy and Ryan was George Bush... I wanted him to be my Ricky, but he thought he didn't look Cuban enough. We dressed up our monsters, Okie was a pumpkin and Daisy (our new addition as of August) was a bumble bee. It was so funny to watch them run around and try to eat each others costumes. I just hate how excited you get for a holiday and when it comes it goes by way too fast!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Honeymoon!

Our lives have been a little hectic the past few months and I am really behind on my blog! So much has changed I don't know where to even begin. We spent our honeymoon on a week long cruise to Mexico... which was amazing! We did so many fun things: walked on the bottom of the ocean with bubble heads, mountain biked, held a baby lion and jaguar, rode mules, went on zip lines and repelled. We decided that our goal was to some day live on a cruise ship and travel the world! Here are some of our adventures...