Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bachelorette Party!!

So, thanks to my fabulous best friend Erika, I had the BEST bachelorette party last night! I invited some of my closest friends... including Natasha and Heidi (unfortunately Amy and Darcee could not make it).

Erika got me a veil, a banner thing to wear that said bachelorette and a button that said kisses for a buck. It was really cute and funny watching people stare. After dinner we went to a comedy club called Wise Guys at Trolley Square. I was absolutely hilarious... I was almost in tears from laughing! I think listening to Natasha laugh was almost as funny as the comedians. I really had a great time and thanks to everyone who made it!!


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  3. Bachelorette Party!! That’s amazing. It will be a fun theme for the bridal shower as well. Actually I am going to throw bridal shower for my best friend at some local New York venues for private events and had not decided on the theme yet. You have helped me a lot with this post.