Thursday, July 1, 2010


I felt like I was waiting FOREVER for my wedding pictures to come and was getting quite impatient! They came last week and they are amazing... thanks to a wonderful photographer named Vicki (not sure her last name), but her website is There are over 600 pics!! We were married in Nampa, ID at the The Secret Place, it was absolutely gorgeous with perfect weather. I was fortunate to have close family and friends there, despite the distance. I know it has been a little while, but THANK YOU to those who came and helped with everything... and to my best friend Erika who made the day run perfectly! Here are some of my favorites...
isn't he so handsome?! " )

Gramps walking me down the aisle
good thing I do yoga!

my super cute niece Jessica
Mom and I

my best friend Erika and I
he was not light!!

This was by far the absolute best day of my life... I got to marry my bestest friend. I love and cherish every second we get to spend together. I cannot wait to start a family and experience all the joys of growing old with one another.


  1. What gorgeous pictures, congrats again on getting married you two look great together!

  2. Beautiful wedding Audrie! Congrats!!